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Real estate can be as confusing as a pup named Beagle, who's not part beagle. I should know! I'm Beagle, the real estate pup. I lived in several homes before I found the exact right one to settle down in. I know just how important it is to find Home. I searched for a long time. Now I live in the perfect home, and it even came with a Mom and a Dad! But don't worry, if you don't want a people in your home, I can find you a great empty one!


Hi, I’m Beagle!

By Ashlee Harry | Jan 3, 2023

I’ve only been on the job 1 year but my Mom’s pretty smart. She’s been finding homes for 10 years! She lives on the same street as her Mom (for over 30 years! She won’t tell me how many years exactly but that means Mom’s over 210 pup years old!). If I don’t know the […]

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